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• Investigate the Exceptional Irish Baby Names

Each country has its own list of unique names. You will find names for example Tobias and Lena in Austria; Connor and Paige in Canada; Pedro and Juana in Chile; Matej and Katerina in the Czech Republic; Rasmus and Freja in Denmark; Harry and Charlotte in Wales and England; Aleksi and Iida in Finland; Quentin and Oceane in France; Luca and Sophie in Germany; Bjarni and Helga in Iceland; Shota and Riko in Japan; Thijs and Lotte from the Netherlands; and Marek and Agnieszka in Poland.

In Ireland, baby names are generally coined by combining both Irish and foreign names. This practice reflects the rich cultural diversity that can be found in the country. In 2004, popular baby names for boys were Sean, Jack, Conor, Adam, James, Daniel, Cian, Luke, Michael, Aaron, Dylan, David, Ryan, Eoin, Darragh, Jamie, Bem, Oisin and Shane. Conversely, the superior baby names for women were Emma, Katie, Sarah, Amy, Aoife, Ciara, Sophie, Chloe, Leah, Niamh, Ella, Caoimhe, Emily, Kate, Rachel, Hannah, Lauren, Ava and Megan.

As with any names, Irish baby names their very own special meanings. These meanings originate from different origins. For example, Aaron is truly a name from the Bible. In Ireland, however, in addition, it means "high mountain." Baethan is a male Irish name that means "little foolish one." Clare is "bright" in Latin. However, this name can be used in Ireland honoring St. Clare of Assisi. Desmond is a put in place Ireland. Ennis is really a female Irish name that is based on the main city of County Clare. Fidelma is a feminine name which is very widely used in Ireland. Hannah, an alternative from the name Anne, that has been once frequently used throughout Ireland. There is the feminine Irish name Izett, which is another type of the name Iseult.

For details about irish boy names meanings go to this popular web page.
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Take a look at the Exceptional Irish Baby Names

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